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Fontana Slab Leak Repair

American Plumbing Services provides slab leak detection and repair.
Experienced Menifee-based plumbers
Slab leaks waste water, raise your water bill, and are dangerous if they aren’t repaired quickly.

When you need a slab leak repair expert in Fontana, CA, look to the American Plumbing Service team for assistance.

Our plumbers provide Temecula and surrounding communities with experienced slab leak detection and repairs, so as soon as you notice a broken pipe in the foundation of your home, you can avoid costly ongoing repairs.

Untreated slab leaks cause water damage from flooding, leading to substantial issues like warped hardwood floors and moldy carpet and walls. Over time, slab leaks can even compromise the structural integrity of your house.

For slab leak repairs in Fontana, CA, and beyond, trust the American Plumbing Service team.

Book an appointment with us today! We offer a same-day service to take care of your urgent plumbing repairs as soon as possible.

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